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Me and my Calvin Kleins

on March 4, 2015
Calvin Klein Tights

Calvin Klein Tights

As someone who does not fit the “normal”body type (and I’m not convinced there actually is such a thing), I sometimes find it difficult to find articles of clothing which are both flattering and fit as they should.

Without boring you with specific dimensions, I am not a svelte person but I am of more or less average height at 5-foot-7, but thanks to my multi-ethnic heritage, my legs could most politely be described as “sturdy.” As such, finding pantyhose and tights which fit over, let alone stay up over my legs and hips has been a costly exercise in “process of elimination.” Some pantyhose are long enough, but lack staying power and leave me continually trying to discreetly hoick them up throughout the day which can lead to runs and tears. Others which claim to be “one size” leave me wondering what the one size truly is and from what species they made their determination. Others which are big enough to fit over my legs and thighs seem to want to continue on upward to my neck so I basically end up with a full bodysuit.  Perhaps the idea is to simply tie a knot once the hose reach under my neck or, even better, over my head!

But, I am happy to report that I have found my saviour in Calvin Klein! I have purchased tights and pantyhose of this brand and the size chart is refreshingly accurate. I am thrilled to find an affordable supplier of hose and tights which also deliver performance which lasts throughout the day and into the night with supreme comfort and wearbility. I don’t experience any stretching or drooping/sagging, and they stand up well to multiple washings so you’re not spending nearly as much money since you’re not replacing them after only a couple of wears.

To my knowledge, these tights and pantyhose can be purchased at major department stores like Hudson’s Bay.

Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


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