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Product Review: L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm

on March 19, 2015
L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm - Velvety Fuchsia

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm – Velvety Fuchsia

I am a fan of L’Oreal products of most any kind thanks, in no small part to Gerard Butler’s involvement with the company (it runs deep, okay?!?). 🙂

I use their BB Cream, for instance, and love it as a lightweight foundation. I also love their eyeshadows and mascaras (I’ll review them later). So, based on my past experience with their products, I wanted to try their Colour Riche Balm.

Also because I’m a Lipstick Junkie and I just HAD to give it a whirl.

I chose the product for its claim to be lightweight and full of colour, as well as for its 8 hours of continuous moisturization. The colour I picked was Velvety Fuchsia since I like a little pop of daytime colour at work.


This lip balm definitely delivers on colour, but it seems to fall short on the other claims. In order to gain any real moisturization, I had to work in the product with my fingertip into the lip surface, and then apply a second coat to replenish the colour.

Also, I found that I had to reapply it often throughout the day, after drinking and eating, as well as after simple conversations as it does not seem to want to stay in or on the surface of my lips and wears off all too quickly. While this may be a genius marketing scheme on the part of L’Oreal, I would rather simply not be bothered worrying about whether my lip colour was staying in place.

This product may be better for those who live in a more humid climate than Alberta, or who have “normal” or “combination” skin as opposed to my “dry” skin.

Thanks, L’Oreal, but I’ll pass on this product since it only delivers to me colour but no staying power.

Rating: 1 Star out of 5.


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