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Make your Products Earn their Keep!

on May 20, 2015

Products which offer more than one function are of great value to me since I generally sleep in later than I should and anything which makes my morning routine less time-consuming is so much better than the alternative of getting up earlier to deal with my personal maintenance.

Plus, getting double the use out of your personal maintenance products will not only save you time, but also quite a bit of money and there will be far less clutter in your bathroom.

Here are a few suggestions:

Try using your creamy body wash not only as a body wash, but also as your shaving cream. I am currently using Balea’s Moisturizing Body Wash for this purpose.  You’ll get a close shave but also smooth skin in the bargain!  And since this particular brand gives great coverage, it will last for at least a couple months of daily showers.  An added advantage is many canned shaving creams will leave rust spots on your tub, whereas the packaging of this body wash (and most body washes) is plastic so there again, it will save you less time in cleanup afterward.

Balea Body Wash, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Balea Body Wash, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Use a BB cream as your daily foundation makeup and primer and moisturiser (triple duty!). I recently blogged about using The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream as not only my moisturizer, but also my foundation and primer.

All-In-One BB Cream by The Body Shop

All-In-One BB Cream by The Body Shop

If you’re ever in a pinch for shaving cream, or an in-shower body lotion, try using a bit of your conditioner for some added softness and to save you time on your way out the door.  Any hair conditioner will do.  Just apply, shave and rinse off.

I would LOVE to hear your other suggestions to get double duty out of your products – please leave your comments in the section below.


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