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Product Review: Fresh Lip Sugar Advanced Therapy Serum

on December 9, 2015

With the onset of winter, each of us is likely faced with chapped and cracking lips thanks to the cold outdoors and dry heated indoors.  I recently received a sample of this product with an order from Sephora, and after only 2 uses, I am HOOKED!

This product delivers on its promise to smooth creases, and to provide hydration and relief to your lips and their contour area.  I applied it once before bedtime last night and felt and saw an instant transformation.  I applied it again this morning before leaving for work and despite the chilly temperatures outside, I still felt no need to apply further product.  The product absorbs quickly and easily, and your lips feel completely cared for without being greasy or cakey as many lip balms and similar products might feel.

I also liked that this product has very little fragrance (in fact, I didn’t notice it at all once the product absorbed into my skin), so it wasn’t obtrusive to my husband who frequently complains about overpowering fragrances of different beauty products as he has sensitivities to many of them.

I can already see that this product will be a permanent member of my skin care lineup.201408-omag-OBeautiful-14-949x1356

Rating: 5 stars out of 5 for instant gratification and promises delivered!


One response to “Product Review: Fresh Lip Sugar Advanced Therapy Serum

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