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Product Review: OGX Shampoo

on December 10, 2015

Many hair care products promise many things, but don’t always deliver on those promises. I have often used shampoos promising volume – like Kevin Murphy’s Plumping Rinse – but the accompanying conditioner seemingly undoes all the volume-building accomplished by the shampoo.


Kevin Murphy’s Hair Plumping Lineup (I do not own the rights to this image.)

Sometimes it’s both halves of the shampoo/conditioner grouping that add too little or too much, depending on what you’re looking for.

Another complaint I frequently have is the fragrance of the shampoo or conditioner is so overpowering that throughout the day, as your body temperature heats your hair, all you can smell is your hair and for me, this is not an appealing proposition. I prefer my hair to be clean and manageable, but I don’t wish to smell it all day. Particularly if I am wearing other styling products like hairspray or serums, in addition to lotions, deodorants, etc. – which are also usually scented to some degree – as wearing so many fragrances all at once produces an olfactory cacophony which is hard to ignore, especially if you or your coworkers have scent-related allergies or sensitivities.

Many people nowadays have colour- or chemically-treated hair, so no matter what your hair’s natural tendencies are toward being thick, coarse or otherwise, colouring and chemically-treating your hair will greatly reduce the volume of each hair shaft, making your hair thinner overall and more prone to frizziness, drying, static, etc. So where do you turn for a reasonably-priced, but effective shampoo and conditioner combination?

Falling into this category of aging, thinning hair due at least in part to colouring it on a regular basis, I have tried a number of shampoo/conditioner combinations with varying success. I also prefer to use products which are justifiable in terms of my budget because, after all, you’re literally washing the product down the drain and your money with it, so it’s best to find something that provides good mileage as well as coverage, and is reasonably-priced, and if at all possible good for the environment (not containing any, or too many, sulphates which later wind up in our drinking water and waterways).

My happy medium is the Coconut Water (Weightless Hydration) shampoo and conditioner by OGX. This brand is found in most of the major retail drug stores and grocery stores and when I last purchased it (at London Drugs), it was a mere $9.99 excluding tax for each bottle.


OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner Duo (I do not own the rights to this image.)

The shampoo lathers well, despite being sulphate-free, and rinses out easily. I often let my hair go unwashed for 2-3 days at a time, and so I find that shampooing only once gives me great cleansing without stripping my hair of its natural oils.

The conditioner is lightweight, yet effective, and since I am able to go 2-3 days without washing, it is obviously not at all greasy. I have long hair and have found that a small dollop of conditioner (about the size of a Canadian $1 coin) goes a very long way. My hair has plenty of bounce and shine and is easily manageable and workable with my various styling tools.

Adding more value to this product, the coconut fragrance is appealing not just to the females in your house, but also the males as it is commonly a unisex fragrance and isn’t too strong.

If the coconut fragrance doesn’t appeal to you, OGX also offers other


Some of the OGX Combinations (I do not own the rights to this image.)

fragranced, similar shampoo/conditioner pairings such as Kukui Nut, Macadamia, Argan Oil, etc. depending on your hair’s specific needs and concerns.



Rating: 4 stars out of 5 for value and overall brand appeal.


One response to “Product Review: OGX Shampoo

  1. Great review! I’ve had my eye on this duo since they came out last year. I’ll have to give the a try.

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