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Growing ever more impatient with my dry, flaky skin and worried about the long-term effects of that prolonged dryness, I recently took the plunge into the higher-end product line, Clarins. I assure you that this step was not taken lightly since the outset costs may be understandably hard to justify on any budget, particularly if you have not had any previous experience with the product line – which I hadn’t. I made sure to consult one of the Shopper’s Drug Mart Beauty Boutique salespeople and grilled the poor lady with questions before committing to my purchase.  She seemed relieved when I finally bought my items and left the store.

Before using this skin care line, my pores were open, crows’ feet were extending farther and farther outward from the corners of my eyes and my skin was continually tight and irritated from being perpetually parched despite my best efforts to religiously use the products which I had been using.  An unstable winter season didn’t help matters much and so my skin felt as if it were in constant turmoil trying to balance itself out, with varying degrees of success.

Within a mere 2 days of using the cleanser,


eye cream


and daytime moisturiser,


I felt immediate relief and I haven’t looked back since. The creases in the corners of my eyes have all but disappeared along with their close relatives, the crows’ feet. My pores are visibly smaller as well. Most importantly, my skin isn’t yearning for moisture as the daytime moisturiser lasts me a good 24 hours, if not more. By not having to cleanse or moisturise as often at nighttime, I am saving money on fewer products and less usage of the products I do use so you get pretty good mileage out of these products which

I also took a foray into some of Clarins’ more specialized products like the [intensive oil treatment], the skin refining scrub which I use only once a week and the daily foaming cleanser. I am happy to say that with each of these products, a little goes a very long way so when you offset the cost against the long-term value, the initial outset cost is somewhat easier to bear.

I also like that these products are lightly-scented or completely unscented, and for the most part, the products are plant- or botanical-derived.

There is some ambiguity as to whether these products are tested on animals. It is likely a case of the producer not using animal testing, but some ingredients made elsewhere may be tested on animals so this is still a point of contention for me as I do try to use as many cruelty-free products as possible so you may also wish to bear this in mind before committing to your own purchase.

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