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Eyeliner Lifesaver

on July 18, 2016


Like a lot of people with hooded eyes, I have had an ongoing battle with eyeliner and making it stay in place.  A hooded eyelid usually spells trouble for eyeliner, particularly a winged or cat-eye look since the simple act of blinking often causes the eyeliner to transfer to the upper eyelid, slide to the outer corners or disappear altogether.

It never seemed to matter which eyeliner, or which eye moisturiser, eye makeup primer or concealer I used, by an hour or so into the look I was trying to achieve, the eyeliner would smudge or pool at the corners of my eyes into unattractive salamander feet-shaped splotches which I would have to touch up at least two to three times throughout the work day.

I recently visited my local beauty headquarters, Shoppers Drug Mart and met beauty expert Jessicca who listened patiently while I bemoaned my eyeliner woes.  Like me, Jessicca has hooded eyes and she shared this simple, yet invaluable little tip: clear lip liner.  That’s it.

Jessicca advised me to apply my eyeliner in whatever manner I usually did.  In my case, I generally apply it to the top lid and wing it out slightly to elongate the length of my eye.  I have smaller eyes, so I generally skip lining the bottoms of my eyes as this tends to make them look even smaller.

Jessicca’s advice was to then simply outline the area you just lined with darker pencil with a clear lip liner.  The lip liner I use already is clear and is made by one of my favourite brands, Urban Decay.  It works obviously with any colour I choose to use on a given day and so this morning, I lined the outside of my eyeliner’d area with Urban Decay’s Ozone Lip Liner and so far, everything is staying put.  My cat eye is still in place, there is no smudging or transferrence whatsoever!

This just goes to show that sharing tips and tricks with your girlies and friends makes all the difference in each of us attaining that level of beauty which makes us feel like the sexy and confident women we all are!


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