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Product review: Essie Gel Couture

on July 18, 2016

Essie has a great lineup of products, along with an outstanding array of colours to choose from, so naturally I was thrilled to learn that they had come out with a line of gel polishes which as an added bonus, don’t require a UV or LED lamp.

The colour I chose is ‘Tropical Lights’ since I had been looking for a subdued shade of blue for quite some time which was universally flattering to all my outfits, but also ‘quiet’ enough to wear to work.


I lightly buffed my nails to smooth out any ridges or rough spots. If your nails are already smooth, skip this step as excess buffing will weaken your nails over time. Then I cleaned the nail surface with a nail cleanser. You can also use regular non-acetone nail polish remover to cleanse your nail surface.

Afterward, I simply applied 2 coats of polish, allowing time between each coat to dry and then applied a single layer of clear topcoat. Essie says about 60 seconds between coats is sufficient. However, since I was watching one of my favourite TV shows at the time I applied this polish, I simply used the commercial breaks to apply the second coat and top coat.

Make sure you follow up your top coat with a good cuticle oil or moisture-rich lotion to rub into your cuticles which will also help prolong your manicure.

Since then, I have washed dishes, weeded the garden and even sanded the steel rims of my truck, all without chips or fading. I’m super-impressed with this so-called gel polish because unlike my experiences with both Revlon and Sally Hansen, Essie’s no-light-required gel polish actually seems to deliver on its promises of lasting colour with long wearability. I can’t wait to try the other colours, but for the moment, I’m reluctant to remove this polish (just use regular nail polish remover) since it’s lasting so long and doing so well!

Verdict: 5 out of 5 #essielove 🙂


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