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WANTED: Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

on October 19, 2016


Confession: I struggle with eyeliner in the worst way.  I have tried pencil liners, powder liners, inkpen liners (even considered a Sharpie marker at one point!) and gel pot liners, all with varying degrees of success.  I’ve also struggled with how to apply liner.  Like most people, my eyes are not identical in shape or size so getting liner on both eyes to resemble each other is definitely a tricky prospect.

My biggest complaint with any eyeliner is getting it to stay put once I’ve managed to apply it in the first place.  The liner always seems to slide off my upper eyelid down into the corners of my eyes where it drips down even further down my cheek if left unchecked.  And who wants to keep checking “budge proof” and “smudge proof” liner every few minutes to make sure it’s still there?  Rather an insult to injury considering that a good quality liner is not always easy on the wallet.

So, like a lost soul returning to Mecca, I ventured into my local Sephora one day in search of guidance and inspiration.  I was escorted to the Marc Jacobs counter and was handed the waterproof gel eyeliner pictured above.  Friends of mine had tried this liner with mixed results.  Some loved it, others hated it.  Again, liner – like most makeup – appears to be a completely individual experience.

So, I took home the free sample I’d received for my birthday and went home to try it out. The first time I used it strictly as a pencil and, predictably, it didn’t perform nearly as well as I’d hoped.  When I got home after being out to supper that evening, I decided to use an eyeliner brush to touch it up and in the process, dragged out my cat eye a little farther just for some drama.

Well, that turned out to be just what the doctor ordered!  Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that you shouldn’t have to use a brush to apply pencil liner, I still can’t argue with the evidence.  Each time I have used this technique with the Marc Jacobs liner, I have enjoyed budge proof and fade proof liner without any need of touchups.  I wear it alone on top of Urban Decay eyeshadow primer (in ‘Original’) 3605970943844_espptravel_original_alt2

and with a light coat of Urban Decay ‘Cannonball’ mascara.  urban_decay_cannonball_masc

My work look is complete in just a couple minutes and I’m good to go well into the after hours.

(By the way, the Urban Decay Cannonball waterproof mascara delivers on all its promises and leaves my eyes clear and lashes undamaged without flaking, clumping or smudging.)

So, that’s my tip for you.  What I would dearly love is for your comments sharing YOUR tips and tricks for stay-put eyeliner and makeup.  🙂


3 responses to “WANTED: Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

  1. To get my liner to stay put, I apply eyeshadow first, then I use the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Eyeliner Ultra Precision in Black and if I really need it to stay on, i go over it with black shadow and spritz it with setting spray and then im normally good to go! Love the post xxx

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