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Winter Skin SOS

on November 3, 2017

Now that winter has arrived, our skin care routine needs to adjust accordingly.  Indoor and outdoor temperatures are getting colder and more often than not, drier.  Your skin needs extra hydration to avoid the effects of premature aging as well as to hold off from exacerbating other, potentially more harmful conditions such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

One of the most vulnerable areas of your skin are your lips.  They’re always exposed and often neglected through eating, drinking, talking, smiling, kissing etc.

Develop a personal routine to ensure your lips stay smooth and supple and ready for any of the challenges they may face.  My recommendations:

Start with your regular facial cleansing ritual.  After cleansing your face, and while your face is still damp after blotting with a towel, apply a bit of Fresh’s Lip Sugar Serum read:

Follow with a light coating of a hydrating lip balm.  One of my favourites is Tokyomilk Dark’s Lip Elixir in ‘Dead Sexy’ (available for purchase at


(I also repeat this routine at bedtime to avoid overnight drying.)

Give the Lip Elixir a few moments to absorb and then proceed with your normal makeup application and head out the door.

With or without an undercoat of lip balm, you won’t go wrong with Kat Von D’s lipstick line.  Her lipsticks are not only ultra creamy and moisturising but you get great wear out of them even after eating and drinking.  I don’t need to reapply colour as often as with other lip colour lines and best of all, her lipsticks are cruelty-free.


Kat’s lipsticks come in wide range of fun colours and finishes, from the less daring to the avant-garde.  You can shop online at or

Sometimes makeup foundations can be drying and cause more problems than the eliminate so if you wanted a finished look, try foundations and BB creams with moisturising qualities already built in, which’ll give you more bang for your buck.  Personally, I prefer light coverage to even out my skin tone, so my current go-to is Charlotte Tilbury’s Unisex Healthy Glow which is a tinted moisturiser.  This product is available at


This product blends and covers well and there’s no mystery shade for your skin type as it adapts to YOU.

All of these products are great but the single most important thing you can do to ensure your skin is properly hydrated at any time of year is to drink plenty – and I mean plenty – of water.  You may even have to increase your water intake during the colder, drier winter months to maintain good cellular structure of your skin cells.

Good luck, stay warm and as always, please feel free to share your comments and tips and tricks below.  🙂


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