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Kat Von D’s Everlasting Lipstick

I simply can’t say enough about tattoo icon, Kat Von D’s lipstick.  First of all, her colour selection is amazing and extensive (the photo above is not the complete selection by any means).  The colours are unique and various – too many collections nowadays feature a monotonous selection of the same shade.  Whether it’s the liquid or more traditional lipstick, I have found both to be not only long-wearing but also non-drying and they don’t require a lot of upkeep once applied and allowed to set for a few minutes before eating or drinking.  They remove easily with a quick swipe of makeup remover or micellar water as well.  And for me, the best thing is the brand is against animal testing.  I can’t wait to try her other products!Kat-Von-D-liquid-lipstick-hand-swatch

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Have your Cake and eat it too!

Figuratively speaking, at least.

I have a love-hate relationship with dry shampoos.  While I enjoy the benefits of dry shampoo, and the fact that I can sleep in some mornings without having to get up earlier to wash my hair before heading to work, I am disturbed by some things when it comes to most dry shampoos:

First, the main ingredient in most spray-on dry shampoos is butane.  You know, the stuff they put in lighters.  That just can’t be good for anyone.  Or even safe.

Second, the idea of a dry shampoo is that it soaks up the excess oils which travel from your scalp up the hair shaft, creating oily, unmanageable hair.  The side effect of this is it will also dry out your scalp which, if over-used, will have a negative effect on your scalp health, which in turn drastically affects your hair’s long term health.  Plus, if you suffer from dry skin particularly during the winter months, you may exacerbate any issues you already have encountered with dry scalp and/or dandruff.

Third, like it or not, canned dry shampoos are often aerosol-based.  There used to be a time when we cared about how our beauty products affected the earth’s ozone layer.  I’m old enough to still care about such things, unfashionable as that may seem to

And lastly, because these products contain butane other severely dangerous and harmful ingredients, many of them are tested on animals and therefore NOT cruelty-free.  I would rather have greasy, lifeless hair than know that my vanity caused pain and suffering to another living creature, so for these reasons, I have struggled with finding a dry shampoo which paired my need for product efficacy with animal- and earth-friendly ingredients.

I have tried some of the powdered dry shampoos but I find that while my hair “looks” better, it doesn’t necessarily always “feel” better.  I like to run my hands through my hair, and I often felt that the powders were very gritty and sometimes made my hair more tangled and therefore less easy to manage.

But I believe my search is now officially over: I found Cake Beauty’s powdered dry shampoo which is not only cruelty-free but also comes in 3 shades depending on your hair colour.  It also does not have a gritty feel so it’s been nice having the effect of dry shampoo without the feeling of loads of product in my hair.

You can buy it at Shopper’s Drug Mart, and possibly other locations, or direct from Cake Beauty’s site at

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